CD Packaging Solutions

Innovative CD Packaging Ideas

Looking to create a new and innovative cd or dvd package. There are a lot of products to choose from these days. You can select from large and metal packaging, small and bright packages, foil stamped, paper, paper cd sleeve or windowed packaging. Anyone should be able to purchase cd and dvd packaging in a full assortment of designs, sizes, and patterns. How do you decide what to use? What matters to the buying public? Do stores want a certain size package?

There are some questions to ask ahead of launching a package design exercise.

Does it have to sit on a store shelf?
Will it be ordered in bulk?
Will it be put through the mail?
Are there child safety issues?

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Work on a few more and answer them to get you closer to a specification for the package.

Marketers have to know about the customer, and the distribution channel, before settling on a package design. Consider a couple of the following issues:

The customer is king. Find out what package attributes appeal to the customers you are targeting. For instance: Kids like bright and shiny and people over sixty are seeking convenience and issues like the size of print on the package and ease of use top their priority list. Find a way to please all customer demographics and you’ll have a winner.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. This will continue to come into focus as more people become concerned about product integrity and threat avoidance. Talk to your distributor and retail outlet to see find out the latest trends.

Keep up with packaging technologies. Creative new products have the advantage in the marketing world. Look at how popular C-Shells, Digipacks, and the DVD Amaray case have become.

Wal-Mart, and other big box stores, have very specific packaging policies ranging from box size to hanger requirements.

If you do business with the Wal-Mart’s of the world, make sure you understand their requirements. Discuss your packaging and display specifics with the people in the know and follow their rules.

With all the choices available for packaging cd and dvd product, you shouldn't go wrong as long as you keep your buyers, the retailer, and any distribution channel, in mind at every level of the design task.

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