CD Packaging Solutions

Forward Looking CD Packaging for 2006

Do you know what consumers and retailers are looking for in packaging these days? If you haven’t worked on a packaging project for some time, you'll be surprised to find there are many changes in the air for designing what used to be a simple box.

As you start your package planning, think about the following.

Does it have to keep the disc secure?
Will it be put through the mail?
Does the packaging need to be secure?
Does it require a window?
Does it have security issues?

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Try to come up with a few more like; what type of window does the box require.

Entrepreneurs had better know about the customer, and the retailer, prior to deciding on a package design. Think about a couple of the following matters:

The customer is king. Find out what package attributes appeal to the customers you are targeting. For instance: Kids like bright and shiny and people over sixty are seeking convenience and issues like the size of print on the package and ease of use top their priority list. Find a way to please all customer demographics and you’ll have a winner.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. This will continue to come into focus as more people become concerned about product integrity and threat avoidance. Talk to your distributor and retail outlet to see find out the latest trends.

Keep up with packaging technologies. Creative new products have the advantage in the marketing world. Look at how popular C-Shells, Digipacks, and the DVD Amaray case have become.

Are you doing business with Wal-Mart? Make sure you understand all of their requirements.

With all the choices available for packaging cd and dvd product, you will not go wrong when you keep the customer, the shop, and any distribution, in mind at every phase of the design exercise.

"The packaging has to really sell the product today, because kids can go out and buy a CD and then 10 kids can burn them. So you have to really be on your toes. " - Jerry Only