CD Packaging Solutions

Modern Packaging Design

From pop up display boxes to cardboard mailers, cd & dvd packaging comes in many shapes and sizes. Marketers can select from small and metal packaging, windowed and foil stamped packages, paper, bright, plastic or wooden packaging. With molded plastic and even shaped tin you can acquire cd and dvd packaging in a wide potpourri of sizes, shapes, and colors. Are some types of packaging harder to deliver? What do people pick-up and buy? Do people look at one type of package more than others?

Your team must anwer many questions before starting a box design task.

Does it have to be auto packed?
Can it be sent in the mail?
Will the package hold a fragile object?

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There are so many variations for each project so you'll really need to work on your own list based on the type of project.

You have to know all about your precious buying audience, and the distributor, prior to finalizing on a package design. Consider a few of these matters:

The customer is the reason for the season. In other words, we have to please the customer. Discover the attributes that appeal to the customers you are targeting. Kids like bright and shiny and the over fifty set might be mroe interested in issues like the size of print on the package. Find a way to please all customer in your targeted demographics.

Keep up with trends. Creative new products have the advantage in the marketing world and so do new packaging styles.

Package sizes vary accordingly to need. Some applications will do better with a jewel case or box and others work with binders, storage case, or media books.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. This will continue to come into focus as more people become concerned about product integrity and threat avoidance. Talk to your distributor and retail outlet to see find out the latest trends.

Keep up with packaging technologies. There may be cheaper and faster ways to package product that is still meets yours, the buyer, and the stores needs.

If you do business with the Wal-Mart’s of the world, you must understand their requirements. Discuss your packaging and display specifics.

With a myriad of available choices for packaging cd and dvd merchandise, you will not go wrong keeping your customers, the retailer, and any distribution, in mind at each point of the design.

“Software suppliers are trying to make their software packages more 'user-friendly' Their best approach, so far, has been to take all the old brochures, and stamp the words, 'user-friendly' on the cover” - Bill Gates