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From windowed display boxes to metal cases, cd and dvd packages can come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from windowed and paper packaging, paper cd sleeve and small packages, large, wooden, plastic or bright packaging. Developers acquire cd and dvd packaging in a full potpourri of sizes, colors, and designs. What matters to the buying public? What kind of packing do retailers like the most? Do stores care what type of software package you use? There are many questions to answer before moving on with your project: Does it have to keep the disc secure? Will it be put through the mail? Does the packaging need to be secure? There are many more to ask and answer.

Marketers had better know all about the buyers, and the retail merchant, prior to deciding on a package design. Consider these matters:

The customer is king. Discover the attributes that appeal to the customers you are targeting. Kids like bright and shiny and the over fifty set might be mroe interested in issues like the size of print on the package. Find a way to please all customer in your targeted demographics.

Keep up with trends. Creative new products have the advantage in the marketing world and so do new packaging styles.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. Talk to your distributor and retail outlet to see find out the latest trends.

If you do business with the Wal-Mart's of the world, you must understand their requirements. Discuss your packaging and display specifics.

With many available choices for packaging cd and dvd merchandise, you can't go wrong as long as you keep your customer, the shop, and the distribution, in mind at every point of the design exercise.

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"Now that marketing strategy is such that, outside the packaging might be just beautiful and inside it might be just nothing!" - Herb Alpert