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CD Packaging Design
CD and DVD come in all shapes and sizes. Designers can choose from plastic and cardboard packaging, windowed and paper packaging, and even precious metal packages. With molded plastic and even shaped tin you can purchase cd and dvd packaging in a extensive potpourri of designs, colors, and patterns. What matters to the buying public? Do stores care what type of package you use? What do people pick-up and buy? Read on to find out more...

CD Packaging for 2006
Time to create a new packaging project? Do you know what consumers and retailers are looking for in packaging these days? If you haven’t worked on a packaging project for some time, you'll be surprised to find there are many changes in the air for designing what used to be a simple box. Ask the right questions of the right people and you will create a winner...

Innovative CD Packaging Ideas
Looking to create a new and innovative cd or dvd package. There are a lot of products to choose from these days. You can select from large and metal packaging, small and bright packages, foil stamped, paper, paper cd sleeve or windowed packaging.

Forward Looking CD Packaging Questions
You must ask as many questions as possible early in the packaging development process. The less surprised when you get to the manufacturing process, the more money saved. Ask questions of your potential clients (focus groups), your distributor, and possible retailers.

Modern Media Packaging Questions
Working on a cd or software packaging project? When it comes to modern media packaging design, there are many questions to answer prior to launching into package manufacturing. For example: Does it have to be auto packed? Is there a way it can be mailed? Does it have to be auto packed?

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