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Folding Cartons

folding cartons

If you’ve seen great boxes on the shelf at your local retailer, more than likely, you’ve seen a box produced by us. Taking your expertly designed art and transferring it to a beautifully designed box is a difficult endeavor. We've been doing this process for over a decade and does it well.

Using some of the best folding carton equipment available and the best operators I know; we consistently produce high quality packages for our customers. In addition to folding cartons for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plant, retail, and software industries, we offer commercial printing in the same facility. This enables our customers to print their boxes, instructions, and marketing materials in the same building. One stop shopping with a great range of control and quality over every aspect of the product and project.

If you want to experience awesome printing and service, you need to give us a try. Call me today.

“Philip’s personal and prompt attention to all our projects make him seem like part of our company. He makes sure we get the best possible service. The thing I find most amazing, is that Philip returns our calls and does it promptly! Philip and Jones are our first choice.”-Joyce Cosentino (Vice President, Formats Unlimited, Inc.)